AltCoin mining pools list

The 24-hour income and reward calculator is based on block production and current calculations for the past week. It may fluctuate with your actual income, but it will be infinitely close to this value during long-term digging. for reference.
The AAPool adopts the PPLNS+ model (average distribution according to “block output”. According to the pool calculation, new users are expected to see revenue after 24 hours), and long-term mining (more than 15 days) is higher than the traditional PPS mode.

Coins Server Pool Hash Total Hash Algorithm 24-hour income GUIDE Blocks Reward calculator
ETH 79.09 MH 87.88 TH Ethash 0.2873607699096 ETH/GH
BITC 0 BH 0.00 KH x25x 1.2652825493171E+14 BITC/MH
BITC 298.8 MH 746.07 GH x25x 29.43414224383 BITC/MH
DASH 0 BH 116.39 KH x11 8402282.4156136 DASH/GH
VTC 0 BH 257.26 MH lyra2re2 68.289406924126 VTC/MH
BITC 247.22 GH 176.15 TH x25x 0.000166225976 BITC/MH
BITC 90.32 MH 529.41 GH x25x 13.82679721114 BITC/MH
XZC 16.43 MH 272.54 GH lyra2z 0.018048755274 XZC/MH
BITC 0 BH 0.00 KH x25x 0.0720007 BITC/MH

More suitable for your miningpool service

Here, the PPLNS+ distribution mode is adopted. Even if you only leave a few shares and leave, there will still be income distributed to your account after the block is released. Please pay attention to the check.
We adhere to the mining concept of teamwork, cooperation and win-win, gather the computing power and produce efficiently, Join the mine team!

Best mining

Using algebraic averaging algorithm, PPLNS+ (AA++) is in block allocation mode, which is better than traditional PPS/PPLNS mode, with a gain of +20%.

Core system

Let BLOCKS produce faster, millisecond task assignment, dynamic difficulty adjustment, efficient block, and enjoy high income.

safe & safe

The distributed main network node servers are distributed in 24 cities around the world, and DDOS protection ensures efficient, secure, long-term, and stable growth.

Ultimate experience

AA++ millisecond-level big data underlying architecture makes data visualization more intuitive and timely and responsive, and we are committed to a better user experience!


Stratum layer protocol CN official core node, massive capacity, AAPool originated from the digital world.


It's all here, AAPOOL is always with us.


Settlement time: starting at 08:00 daily, the system will automatically settle for you after the payment standard is reached, the unpaid income, the balance of the insufficient payment standard will be paid the next day.
(Note: Confirm that the new block needs to wait for the block maturity time, the new balance generated after 12 o'clock every day will be paid on the next day)


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